The 60's

1963 Top Twenty Songs

1, Surfin USA 

Beach Boys

2. The End of the World

Skeeter Davis

3. Rhythm of the Rain

The Cascades

4. He’s So Fine

The Chiffons

5. Blue Velvet

Bobby Vinton

6. Hey Paula

Paul & Paula

7. Fingertips

Little Stevie Wonder

8. Can’t Get Used to Losing You

Andy Williams

9. My Boyfriend’s Back

The Angels

10. Sukiyaki 

Kyu Sakamoto

11. So Much in Love 

The Tymes

12. Puff the Magic Dragon

Peter, Paul & Mary

13. Blowin in the Wind 

Peter, Paul & Mary

14. Wipe Out

The Surfaris

15. I Love You Because 

Al Martino

16. Wild Weekend 

The Rockin Rebels

17. You’re the Reason I’m Living

Bobby Darin

18. Walk Like a Man 

The Four Seasons

19. Mockingbird 

Inez and Charlie Foxx

20. I Will Follow Him. 

Little Peggy March


I was twelve in 1963.  Unlike last year’s list, I really liked a lot of the songs in this list.  May have been the hormones awakening! In any case, this is a list I’ll be returning to for some great listening.  Even the one hit wonders were unique and worthy.  Sukiyaki, Wipeout,  The End of the World, He’s So Fine, My Boyfriend’s Back, So Much in Love, Mockingbird and I Will Follow Him are all great songs whose artists had few other successes.  As for trends, things were pretty much in the middle.  Surf music was big with the Beach Boys and Surfaris, on the other hand, dance music receded.  There were eight pop songs and three doo wop, three instrumentals, and two folk standards by Peter Paul and Mary.  Great year!

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