The 60's

1961 Top Twenty Songs

1.  Tossin and Turnin

Bobby Lewis

2.  I Fall to Pieces 

Patsy Cline

3.  Michael  

The Highwaymen

4.  Crying 

Roy Orbison

5.  Runaway 

Del Shannon

6.  My True Story 

The Jive Five

7.  Pony Time  

Chubby Checker

8.  Wheels 

The String Alongs

9.  Raindrops 

Dee Clark

10.  Wooden Heart 

Joe Dowell

11.  Calcutta 

Lawrence Welk

12.  Take Good Care of My Baby 

Bobby Vee 

13.  Running Scared 

Roy Orbison

14.  Dedicated to the One I Love 


15.  Last Night 

The Mar Keys

16.  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


17.  Exodus 

Ferrante and Teicher

18.  Where the Boys Are

Connie Francis

19.  Hit the Road Jack 

Ray Charles

20.  Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)

Sue Thompson


I was ten in the summer of 1961 and fell in love with Roy Orbison.  His sweet sad songs still have a special place in my life.  Some other songs on the list I really like are Runaway, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, and the folk standard Michael.  The list is unusual in that it includes four instrumentals and no Western songs.  The lists are a pretty good indicator of trends.  Black artists were prominent, there being seven tunes by Black artists.  Of the various genres, pop tunes still dominate with eleven, followed by the four instrumentals, two R&B, and one each of folk, country and doo wop.  This will be a favorite year for my listening.

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